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Our current economic and political scenario is, to say the least, challenging and confusing.  Every day we continue to read about companies being downsized, home foreclosures, environmental safety and homeland security, while facing personal life-altering situations; such as being a single parent, caring for an aging parent, job security.  Our nervous systems are under tremendous pressure as we ‘juggle’ and feel the weight of our lives.  Wow – how do we manage?  We certainly don’t need statistics to tell us that many of us are not. 

To achieve balance in our lives, we must find balance within ourselves.  Mental steadiness, emotional stability and physical equilibrium all contribute to and affect our internal balance.  Once we attain our internal balance, we can then project outwardly and affect, in a positive way, our outer world; including those with whom we interact - personally and professionally.

How do we do this?  Every day, it seems that we have a million things to do and never enough time to get to them.  Well, let’s begin by acknowledging that we would like to live a healthy, happy and balanced life – focusing on self awareness; in essence, getting our own attention!  When we combine this initial awareness with knowledge, we begin to build for ourselves a very powerful tool.  But hey, where’s the knowledge?  A clue:  it’s within you and you can’t live without it.  Working with it can change and improve your life immensely – to the point where you feel in the natural flow of life - not swimming against the tide, as many of us feel that we are doing.

Simply put – it’s your breath  - and the quality of your breath is of the utmost importance.  Working with your breath and specific breathing techniques will bring awareness of the impact of your thoughts, habits and patterns, thereby opening a pathway to establishing and reinforcing new, healthy trends of behavior.

Let’s get started!  Each and every one of us has experienced anger resulting in immediate reactiveness without thought, then wishing we hadn’t reacted so swiftly or thoughtlessly.  Anger is an imbalance of the fire element within us and affects our liver and blood.

The next time you experience anger and want to react – just pause for a moment (that’s all that it takes) and ask yourself:  Am I breathing?  Chances are you are holding your breath or it’s become very shallow.  At that point in time, focus on your breath and breathe long and deep through your nose (mentally count to 10 or mentally recite the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light as given in the June newsletter which is in our website archives). 

Remember that your every word and action is a manifestation of your thoughts and when you feel that your thoughts are negative and out of control or that your mind is racing, bring your awareness to your breath and focus on long deep breathing through your nose.  This simple procedure works because your mind will always follow your breath.  Try it out and let us know of your experiences.  Our e-mail address is

We look forward to sharing more healthful techniques as you build your own bridge to where you want to be and beyond!

Please pass this along to your friends and family!

With Love, Peace and Light,

Beyond the Bridge

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